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Case studies

air separation units
Air separation units and Industry 4.0
Air separation units (ASUs) are widely used to generate Nitrogen or Oxygen for use in petroleum refining, steelmaking, chemicals manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication and many more

Whilst ASUs are usually automated with a PLC or DCS their operation can benefit from remote monitoring and intervention

An Industry 4.0 solution for ASUs may utilise the Industrial Internet of Things and an Expert System that is able to learn and adapt to changes in the operating environment
smart cylinder
Smart cylinder and Industry 4.0
Monitoring stock levels and re-ordering in time to avoid stock-outs, whilst minimising inventory, is a process that easily lends itself to automation, particularly with the advent of inexpensive, low power wireless networking

Combine this with the Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS) and there is the possibility of achieving a step-change in productivity, as per the promise of Industry 4.0

This case study describes how an application we developed could be easily extended to realise significantly more value
Compressors and Industry 4.0
Over 10% of electricity supplied to industry is used to compress air

Minimising energy consumption and detecting deterioration in the condition of compressor components is a common objective

An Industry 4.0 solution will collect relevant data in real-time, to generate a precise digital twin, in order to improve operational performance and reduce maintenance cost

This case study describes such an approach
Information transparency for Industry 4.0
Monitoring pressure in a compressed gas cylinder provides an indication of the remaining contents of a cylinder

Where many cylinders are in use simultaneously (as in a semiconductor fab) this monitoring is often performed with the aid of a SCADA system. The primary purpose of the monitoring is to avoid run-outs

This case study explains how this same pressure data can be extracted from the SCADA system and used to provide focus to cost-management efforts
Secure mobile apps for Industry 4.0
Interoperability is a key element of Industry 4.0 hence it is critical that issues of security are carefully assessed when a system is designed

This is of particular importance where corporate systems are accessed by disparate users with a range of mobile devices

This case study considers how one aspect of mobile security, user authentication, should be handled to prevent unauthorised access to corporate date
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