Advanced automation and insight with Industry 4.0



You've probably got lots of ideas about what you'd like to do to improve performance but perhaps you're not quite sure about which idea to pick first, which technology to use or what precise benefits are likely to be realised

We can help you with this by conducting a feasibility study

We can evaluate opportunities and the likelihood of success and we can conduct pilot implementations to determine risks, indicative costs and estimated benefits


Assuming you've decided where change is needed the next step is to precisely define your objectives and your requirements

Once you have a detailed user requirements specification (URS) appropriate solutions can be designed

We provide design solutions in the form of a functional design specification (FDS) and at this point a more precise assessment of costs and benefits can be made


We develop bespoke solutions using industry standard, development platforms, tools and techniques

We use 3rd party applications where appropriate and our solutions integrate with existing hardware and software

We use agile development to deliver functionality in stages which means you can evaluate and adapt the solution as it progresses


Our hands-on project managers will work closely with your team to ensure a solution is implemented on time and within budget

We partner with approved sub contractors who provide us with specialist hardware installation services where required

Solutions we provide can be hosted on-premise by you or we can deliver via a secure hosting platform


A key objective for us is the development of long term partnerships, so we are particularly enthusiastic about support

We know that if we exceed expectations, customers are likely to engage with us again and recommend us to others

We use case management systems to track issues, we conduct user workshops and we arrange annual support reviews

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